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Post by Elle on Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:28 pm

Dear Mr. Potter, you have been accepted to study magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

Welcome to The Bookshelf,

I know everything seems to overwhelming at the moment, and you may be struggling to understand what this sites all about, so let me help you there.

The Bookshelf is a Forum for Harry Potter Fanfiction writers, as well as, Artists.
The Forum is cut into two sections, one is controlled by myself, Elle, and the other by Marius, the other Admin. Now this forum is not for spamming, if you spam I will delete you, your message and you will be henceforth banned from the forum. This is a forum of mutual agreement, to sign up is to agree to our rules, which you will find EVERYWHERE, so there is no excuse. Now don't go thinking we're rule freaks here, we aren't, we understand the difference between mistake and intent. Just try your best.

You will find the instructions for the Artists posted by Marius, it is now that I will explain what is required by the writers, and what in turn is required by myself.

Within the writers section there is a panel, known as the Wizengamot. This is a panel of judges who rank and judge fanfiction submitted by authors to the website, as well as any random findings of their own. Note, you will have to submit properly if you wish to be judge, just submitting to the site will not get you judged.
The forum runs with the Trophy room and the Wizengamot section. The Trophy room is like a Top of the Pops sort of thing. You can have the best story (in your genre) running for weeks at a time. It is devised by the consesnus of vote by the public as well as by the judges. It is not easy to meet those standards.
The Wizengamot section will be broken into sections for the genres and the wizengamot will post recommendations by themselves as well as other members in there.
The boards (such as drama, romance, adventure, etc.) are for postings by the members, where they can post their own threads and advertise their own story. Other members can post replies and ratings about the fanfiction.
Note: All submittions must be linked via Fanfiction, DO NOT POST YOUR WHOLE FICTION IN THE THREAD. A summary, an extract, a title, a rating(the same ratings as Fanfiction), your Fanfiction username and a chapter counts, as well as word count, are all that will submitted on this forum. Author's notes are also advised.

There are also general sections to the forum, which can be found in the Great Hall. These are for general chat, discussions, polls, games, and other such things.
A new competition section will be created, where will will run writing and art competitions, some Harry Potter related, others not.

The Forum also hosts a Chronic Literature section, as well as, RPG. Check the Board Index for it. The instructions for those will be found in their own sections.

Alright, so if anyone has any questions about anything, don't hesitate to PM myself or Marius.

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