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Serpent In Red

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Serpent In Red Empty Serpent In Red

Post by SerpentInRed on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:49 am

(I love copy and paste =.=...)

I've written a one-shot for this other forum that I used to go to. Then, I've stopped for a while and concentrated reading Dramione fanfics (especially when I knew that J.K. Rowling was definitely going to put Hermione with Ron *glares at canon*). One day, I happened to come across a Voldemort/Hermione fanfic and fell in love with the pairing and thus my entrance into the world of writing chapters and chapters of weird imaginations that randomly pops into my head.

Let's see what I would need here.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize in the fanfics, do not belong to me whatsoever. They belong to J.K. Rowling and whatever companies has Harry Potter copyrighted under them.

Writing Style: I try to stay consistent with grammar throughout the fanfic. I sometimes would go into details too much and some of my sentences might sometimes be too long. However, if it is pointed out to me in a kind manner, I would definitely change it. I try to stay as true to the canon as I can. I've taken online tests and stuff and had been analyzed to have sarcastic and dark humor so some of it might "accidentally" work its way into my writing. I'm more comfortable in writing from a third-person view and the characters would voice their feelings and thoughts through either saying it out loud or in italics as thoughts.

Author's Notes: I do not acknowledge the fact that there probably is an epilogue for Deathly Hallows (although I've heard many rumors about there being one).

I despise plagiarism. Therefore, if there's something that I've written that is very similar to something else someone else had written, I would appreciate it if someone can tell me and point out the source where I had accidentally plagiarized from.

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Serpent In Red Empty Re: Serpent In Red

Post by SerpentInRed on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:53 am

Fanfiction Username: Serpent In Red
Title: Heading Back To Hogwarts
Rating: T
Chapters: 1
Words: 1,934
Summary: Oneshot. Has a little of DHr. Focuses more on Draco and Hermione. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Pansy, Ginny, and Draco are heading back to Hogwarts, not for lessons though. Why are they going there? What's happening in Hogwarts? Who else do they see there?
A/N: This was actually posted in 2005. I’ve just decided to repost it under this account because I want to delete the other account.
It was not really betaed and…I didn’t really go back to fix all the errors so…read at your own risk. XD


"Lumos," a male's whisper echoed through the night air of Hogsmeade as six figures gathered around the corner of Madame Rosmerta's store.

"Brilliant. You suppose that they would not see us with your wand's light?" another male's voice whispered with a hint of disgust in his voice.
"Be quiet! They'll hear you before they see the light of Harry's wand," a female's voice. The male did not answer but a small smirk appeared on his face.

"How are we going to get back into Hogwarts?" yet a third male's voice whispered.

"We'll have to get in there through the Shrieking Shack," the first male's voice - Harry's voice - said.

"The Shrieking Shack?" another female's voice squealed.

"Be quiet, Pansy!" the second male's voice said.

"But...that place's is haunted," Pansy whispered, slightly scared at the thought of going into a haunted house.

"It's not haunted," Harry answered. "It's...that's another story. We have to go into Hogwarts and find Gryffindor's sword before the Death Eaters do."

It was suppose to be the winter of their seventh year. Due to the fact that Dumbledore was now dead and a number of the professors had been out, defending the weak against the Death Eaters, Hogwarts had decided to stay closed until further notice. The Death Eaters had not yet been able to get through the many protections of Hogwarts to get what they wanted with Hogwarts but nevertheless, going there at a time like this was like putting him or herself in front of a group of Death Eaters. The advice for protections for wizard families had increased itself tenfold over the last few months.

During these few months, Blaise, Pansy, and Draco had finally decided to join the Order to fight against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Not many people from the Order had believed in their intentions but still, some believed that they could be given a chance.

Tonight, Harry, along with Hermione, Ron, Pansy, Ginny, and Draco were on a mission to get into Hogwarts to find Gryffindor's sword. The other members of the Order were on other missions so they were alone on this mission.

"Where does the Shrieking Shack lead up to?" Draco asked as he looked at Harry with a frightened look on his face.

"Are you scared, Malfoy?" Harry asked.

"Are you kidding me, Potter?" Draco huffed. "Let's go then. What are we waiting for?"

"Trust him to make rash decisions when he's scared," Harry muttered as he, along with the others, followed Draco's footsteps toward the Shrieking Shack.

Female Number of posts : 2361
Location : Hogwarts
House : Gryffindor
Registration date : 2008-10-09

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