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Common Board Terms

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Common Board Terms Empty Common Board Terms

Post by Rem on Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:36 pm

Just a few terms that are used in message boards, that may be seen here.

Message board: What this is. Sometimes incorrectly called a forum.

Category: Sections of the board. Such as the Notice Board and the Great Hall. They are categories, they are the coloured headers above the forums.

Forum: The rooms that reside in the categories. Examples are Announcements, Help Section and OWLs. They are the sections under the catergory headings on the board index.

Topic: A topic is a section within forums. Also known as a thread.

Post: A posted message in topics. When you make a post in a topic, it will appear at the end.

BBCode: Forum HTML. Hyper text markup language is not allowed in message boards, otherwise you could edit the appearance of the board from your topic. BBCode shortcuts are located above your posting area.

URL: A http or ftp link.

Sticky: A topic, set by staff to remain above all of the others.

Announcement: Similar to stickies, but they sit above the stickies.

UCP: User control panel. Where you edit your profile, signature, avatar and preferences.

Bump: Posting in a topic to send it to the top of the list. This is against the rules, unless used to bump your own art topic when you update it.

Spam: Useless posts. Usually they break more than one rule. Read the rules to identify the types of spam and the rules they break.

CC: Constructive critique.

CnC: Criticize and class. On message boards, artists are usually classes into a rank. Such as novice, moderate, intermediate and professional. This may be requested by an artist, you don't have to do this, but it's friendly and helpful. We try not to stress too much over classes here.

Av: Avatar. Your display image. Shows near your name in every post.

Sig: Signature. Your special mark. You may but text and/or images in this, something funny, maybe? Or maybe something meaningful? This will show below every post you make in a ruled off section. You edit this through the UCP. You can set not to show this in your posts, only in your profile.

Portal: The main site of something such as a message board. Links to the message board via a splash page. Which is named after the image type used in it known as a 'Splash'.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions.

Noob: Newbie: A new member. Often looked down upon. To avoid this, just read the rules and don't be annoying.

Vet: Veteran member. A user that has been with the forum for a long time. Often looked up to as wise and important.

Phpbb3: Phpbb's 3rd version of forum software called "Olympus". This is the forum software we use.

SS: Screenshot. XP Service Pack 2 and higher comes with this software standard. To capture a screenshot, press the 'Print Screen' button located on all QWERTY keyboard layouts. Nothing seems to happen as the software has no application. Once you have pressed this, open up an image editting program such as MS Paint, Paint NET or Photoshop and click paste. The screenshot is place in your clipboard when you press 'Print Screen'.
If you don't have screenshot software, there are many freeware applications you can find for it.

Admins: Administrators.

Mods: Global moderators. Have similar powers to Admin, but are unable to edit the board or make a category or forum within it.

L337 speech: Translates to "Elite speech". I'm not sure who invented this moronic style of typing, but it takes longer to type and read. There are many arguments whether abbreviations, such as OMG and LOL, are considered L337 speech. I say that they are not. Try to avoid L337 speech as much as possible, if you don't know it, don't even learn it.

Emoticons: Emote icons. Often called smilies. (Even though most of them don't smile.)

Beta: Somebody who reads and check your writing for errors.

Edit style: This is seen in staff member's signatures. The formatting of the two words is the style of typing they will use when adding something to another members post.

If you think a term should be added here, PM me.



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