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Approved List

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Approved List

Post by Elle on Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:46 pm

The Writers whom have been submitted below have been approved to post their Fanfiction within the Genre Board of this Forum.

Approved writers:
• Lildaani
• StonerLove (Needs a little improvement)
• Alex (Note: Words limits have a 10% lee-way)
• Last Haven
• Quik-wit
• SerpentInRed (se0127)
• Equilibrium
• Evanescent17
• Inyx
• Mudblood_Mistress. (Needs a little improvement.)
• TheDeepEnd (A little cold, could do with some more interaction, but still good)
• Reallyginny.
• Minnionette
• Remuslives23
• Sylphides
• Chrissy
• Owl
• Alisonlynn
• Tambrathegreat
• Saiida Tortori (Very cute)
• Snapegirl
• Homeslice4life (First, there is no way I'm doing the Caps, and non-caps thing in your name. Second, Your submission piece ended beautifully. Nice work.)
• Theodusa (I liked it, it made me want to go read more. Nice and short.)
• AsaeliaJayn (– Needs work, but good enough.)
• Laurensays (– a couple grammar issues, but good.)
• Lunia Von Hel (– very sweet and sad, a few spelling/grammar problems, but really good.)
• Angel of Dreams (– excellent. It makes me want to read more.)
• Egolmeril (– very cute.)
• MichelAngelo (– It certainly makes me wonder where you’re going next with it, good job.)
• IrishPen (– it made me giggle, well done. (though I did notice a couple grammar errors).)
• Polkaking2
• HebeGB

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Re: Approved List

Post by Lildaani on Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:38 am

This thread has now been updated, sorry for the wait on gaining your approvals guys.

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