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ChrissyWheeler Empty ChrissyWheeler

Post by Chrissy on Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:24 am

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter series, Just merely borrowing some of her characters. I will give them back after I'm finished.

Author's Note: I do start stories, but then.. I forget to finish them. Either I forget, or I loose interest. So.. Sorry in advance if I write something that you like, and discontinue it. I'll try to continue it sooner or later. I also, Don't mind people correcting my horrid grammar! Or.. Typical mistakes since I stop typing for lengthy periods of time and then re-pick up my work, And then I forget what I wrote and my words, and what they said. So I often contradict myself! Meep. My bad.

Usual writing style: Uhm. Not really sure what to put here.. But I do try to be descriptive and sometimes do it a little too much. I also, don't have excellent grammar while typing. It angers me, yes, but I do try as much as I can to fix that! I think it angers my readers more then it angers myself.. Hm.. *ponder* Never mind, back to the style. I am new to fanfiction writing, and so.. The whole 'take a story plot, and twist it completely' thing, is new to me! I'll figure it out sooner or later.

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ChrissyWheeler Empty Re: ChrissyWheeler

Post by Chrissy on Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:33 am

Fanfiction Username: ChrissyWheeler
Title: It All Started With A Flash
Rating: T
Chapters: 3 (As of now, I'm still working on it.)
Words: 7,023 (As of now.)
Summary: Tom Riddle is sent back to his Father's and on the way back from the drama, stops in the park. Bad Mistake. Poor Jessica is lured into a life of tragedy. Warning: Child Torture and imprisonment.

“Come on Mummy, let's go play!” A little girl about the age of five managed to squeak between giggles. Her light brown hair, fell out of her pigtails at the side of her face, and obstructed her crystal blue eyes from seeing everything clearly, causing her to trip over her two feet. The girl giggled harder, heaving herself up to a sitting position and looking at her Mom once again. “Muuuuuuuummmmy!” She giggled once again, putting her hands on the ground and pushing herself up. “Muuuummy! I wants-ta pllaayyyy” she jumped up and down.

Her Mother, was sitting on a blanket, with a basket to the right side with food almost jumping out of it. They had planned this picnic for awhile, and she was going to make this work for her. Her daughter deserved this day of play.

”Muuuum!” the girl moaned out, looking over at her again, and her Mother stood up.

“Alright, alright, Jessica. I'm coming, now.” She said, her voice sweet, soft, she remembered. Almost like honey...

Jessica giggled with delight, grabbing a hold of her Mother's hand and leading her to the swing set on the play ground. A boy was swinging on the swings already. He looked a few years older then Jessica, did, and he looked playful enough. The five year old Jessica, ran over to the guy, and smiled sweetly.

“Hiya! I'm Jessi-ca!” She said, giggling at her own rhyme. The boy raised his eyebrows and shrugged responding with a simple

“Hello,” And continued to swing. Jessica didn't want to give up, she was a stubborn child by nature..

“What's your name?” She asked, bouncing on her heels, and her Mother looked to the boy apologetically,

“I'm sorry, she doesn't know when to stop. Come along Jessica, hun.” The boy's eyes sparkled lightly hearing her voice.

“It's quite alright, Miss. I'm Tom.” He smiled lightly, holding out his hand to Jessica, who didn't know anything about shaking hands, so she grabbed his hand and let go of her Mother's pulling Tom off the swing.

Her Mother smiled watching the two, Jessica led Tom to the sand pit and started to show him how to make a moat. The toddler was so engrossed with her own explanation she didn't even look up once to see if Tom was paying attention.

Tom quickly took advantage of this, and made his way back to Jessica's Mother, silently. As to not alert the child of his actions.

He smiled politely when he walked back to her, “Your Jessica sure talks a lot.” and she laughed smiling apologetically once more,

”Yes, I'm sorry about that Tom. As I said before, she doesn't know when to stop.” Tom nodded in response, and plunged his hand in his pocket, and kept it there, his hand fingering something that stuck out of his pocket a little bit. To Jessica's mother, it looked like a stick, so she payed no attention to it.

”So, where do you live, Tom? I haven't seen you around these parts too often.” She continued the conversation, glancing over to Jessica who had figured out that her 'student' was no longer there, but decided that she didn't care. She was still going to build a big castle for her Mommy. She couldn't wait to see the look on her face, giggling she set to work.

Tom followed her line of vision, smirking lightly to himself but quickly changed his face when he looked back to her Mother. “I don't live around here, I'm visiting my Father.” A spark of, well, something, appeared on the child's face. Again, she payed no attention to the small action.

”That's nice, I hope he's doing well.” She paused, looking over to Tom who shrugged lightly.

”It honestly, depends on your definition of 'well,'” his face lit up with a look that could only be described in one way. Evil. This time, try as she might, Jessica's Mother couldn't hide her curiosity.

”What do you mean Tom, is something wrong? I could possibly help if you allowed me too, I am a heal-- Nurse.” Tom's eye brows raised quite a bit and he contemplated how to answer. He already shared too much with the lady. Much, too much for his liking...

”Mm.. Thankyou Ma'am, that's awful nice of you and all.. But I think my Father,” The word rolled off his tongue this time as if it was a horrid word. One that should never be spoken in front of a lady, and yet he did. So, in order to show respect, he inclined his head slightly, hoping that she didn't realize why he did the notion. Well, she wouldn't anyways, not without being able to understand his thoughts. He paused and repeated carefully, “I think my Father, is well beyond your promising capabilities at the moment.”

This time, the woman stood up, looking towards him carefully. “What.. What ever do you mean, Tom? Are you okay? Explain... Please..”

Tom furrowed his brows, and shook his head in a slow fashion. And when he spoke, his voice came out softly, but rather harsh for his age. His voice coated with warning towards the woman. He honestly didn't want to hurt her. He saw no reason for it.. “I'd rather not, Miss. Bentley.”

At this, Jessica's Mom froze. Her hand went directly to her thigh staring at the young man, nervously. “Tom, How did you know my last name?” For the first time, in his life, Tom felt kind of nervous. So he pulled the 'stick' out of his pocket, and laid it across his lap, setting his hands on top of it.

”Miss. Bentley..” He began, and then took a deep breath. “I would like to completely apologize for what is about to happen.” his eyes went emotionless, and cold. Deep black voids of death were all that bore into the eyes of Miss. Bentley. He raised his wand, and said the words “Avada Kedavra.” A green streak flew threw the air, and Miss Bentley was dead before she even could comprehend what he was apologizing for.

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