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Serpent In Red Empty Serpent In Red

Post by SerpentInRed on Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:17 am

I've written a one-shot for this other forum that I used to go to. Then, I've stopped for a while and concentrated reading Dramione fanfics (especially when I knew that J.K. Rowling was definitely going to put Hermione with Ron *glares at canon*). One day, I happened to come across a Voldemort/Hermione fanfic and fell in love with the pairing and thus my entrance into the world of writing chapters and chapters of weird imaginations that randomly pops into my head.

Let's see what I would need here.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize in the fanfics, do not belong to me whatsoever. They belong to J.K. Rowling and whatever companies has Harry Potter copyrighted under them.

Writing Style: I try to stay consistent with grammar throughout the fanfic. I sometimes would go into details too much and some of my sentences might sometimes be too long. However, if it is pointed out to me in a kind manner, I would definitely change it. I try to stay as true to the canon as I can. I've taken online tests and stuff and had been analyzed to have sarcastic and dark humor so some of it might "accidentally" work its way into my writing. I'm more comfortable in writing from a third-person view and the characters would voice their feelings and thoughts through either saying it out loud or in italics as thoughts.

Author's Notes: I do not acknowledge the fact that there probably is an epilogue for Deathly Hallows (although I've heard many rumors about there being one).

I despise plagiarism. Therefore, if there's something that I've written that is very similar to something else someone else had written, I would appreciate it if someone can tell me and point out the source where I had accidentally plagiarized from.

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Serpent In Red Empty Re: Serpent In Red

Post by SerpentInRed on Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:18 am

Submission Form:

Fanfiction Username: se0127
Title: Somewhere In Time
Rating: T (just in case)
Chapters: 20, ongoing
Words: 75,084 (with author's notes and disclaimer)
Summary: AU. After Harry's victory over Lord Voldemort, things seemed to settle down. That is, until Harry, Hermione, and Ginny followed Draco to Borgin and Burkes. Sent back in time to 1944 by a mysterious person, the four of them must learn how to survive in an era in which the line between friends and foes are unclear. It's no longer about what they know - it's about who they could trust.


Hermione was all in all surprised to find Tom Riddle in a Muggle Studies class. She would have thought that he hated and knew (or so he thought) about Muggles enough to avoid the class like a plague. Thus, when he sat down in the chair in front of her, her mind went momentarily blank until he turned around and looked at her.

“Seems like we’re in many of the same classes,” he commented conversationally. Hermione composed herself before she smiled and answered.

“Seems like it,” she agreed. One class too many, she mentally added.

“You seem to enjoy learning. Always eager to listen to what the professors have to say and always answering questions that are asked in class,” Tom observed, studying her facial expressions as he spoke to her.

“The same could be said about you,” she replied as she searched her brain for something to do so she would not have to face him all by herself.

“Knowledge is the key to success,” he nodded as he looked out the window and drummed his fingers on the desk absentmindedly.

“Agreed.” It was impossible for her to not agree to what he had said, as much as she wanted to deny it.

“So, how do you like Hogwarts thus far?” he asked, looking back at her.

“I like it very much,” she replied as she prodded the quill on her table with her forefinger. She would have liked it even more if she was not worried about the prospect of being Crucioed or getting killed by the young man who was on his way to become the darkest wizard in history.

“It is quite different here than your former school, is it not?” Tom continued to ask.

“Oh yes, very different,” she answered.

“Am I bothering you with too many questions?” he suddenly asked. She looked up at him, caught by surprise.

“No, it’s not like that…”

“I’m terribly sorry. I mean, we hardly get foreign students here at Hogwarts so I was getting carried away by my curiosity. My apologies,” he went on. She almost felt sorry that she made him felt that way. Almost.

“No, I was just thinking about the Potions essay that’s due on Monday,” she explained as she went back to staring at her forefinger prodding the quill.

“By your excellent performance in classes, I’m sure that you would do wonderfully on it,” he assured.

“Thanks,” she replied as a small smile appeared on her face.

“There’s no need for thanks. What I am saying is what I believe to be true,” he said. Hermione slightly blushed. That was a compliment and coming from the Heir of Slytherin about a Muggle-born. He sure could be charismatic when time needs it.

“From what I’ve heard about you, you’re incredibly intelligent as well,” she said.

“Rumors often travel faster than the truths,” he responded. A hint of a smile appeared on his face before he asked offhandedly, “Mr. Evans is courting Ms. Weatherby, I assume?” Hermione’s head snapped up. His eyes were hooded so she could not read what his thoughts were. Of course, even if he was to look at her, she would assume that it would be the same impassive expression.

Tom sodding Riddle better not think about somehow manipulating Ginny again, Hermione thought, neglecting the fact that things from her second year technically did not happen yet. If that was what he’s thinking, then I would have to hurt him on behalf of every single soul he had maimed.

Additionally, did he compliment her so he could somehow gain information from her? She almost felt as if she had been slapped across the face.

“He’s her boyfriend,” she answered harshly.

“I see,” he replied softly.

“Her fiancé actually,” she continued almost angrily, determined to destroy any intentions, good or bad, he had towards the girl. “They are very much in love. Although it did take Harry a good number of years to find out that he liked Ginny, they were meant to be. It’s destined. I mean, Ginny basically fancied Harry since she first saw him at King’s Cro-” She stopped herself as she stared at the table. What was she doing? Merlin…

“King’s Cross?” Tom asked, she could almost hear the smirk that he was hiding behind that disgustingly innocent smile.

Maybe she should take a leaf out of Dumbledore’s book and have someone blast her off the Astronomy Tower right now. Hermione swore that she could hear every single brain cell blasting apart as she thought of a way to cover up her stupid mistake.

“Yes. Different magical schools asked him to go to their schools and Harry wanted to see all of them before he chose one,” she answered slowly, wishing that Tom would buy the story that she had conjured out of nowhere.

“Interesting,” Tom remarked casually as he turned around to face the front of the room as the professor walked into the room. Hermione suddenly had the urge to stab the back of his head with her quill. Wait. Forget the quill; stabbing done with her wand might inflict more damage on him.

The scheming freak!

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